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A careful selection of one-hour seminars running in the morning and afternoon will allow delegates to understand complex areas of specific interest. You will have the opportunity to attend two seminars in total. These sessions will open up into an interactive discussion, giving you the chance to contribute and debate the hot topics of the day. Some of the seminar areas that will be covered are as follows:


    Seminar A (AM Only):

    Game-changing Employee Engagement through Engaging Leadership

    Against a backdrop of a tough economic climate, public sector cuts and Civil Service reform, we are all operating in challenging times. In order to confront such challenges, organisations require a paradigm shift in their leadership style – it’s no longer appropriate or productive to carry on with the traditional top down “command and control” leadership style which does little to empower employees and drive their engagement. This session explores the tangible steps your organisation can take to develop the kind of engaging leadership that drives employee engagement and levels of ownership behaviour that will ultimately make the difference between your long term success or failure.

    Campbell McDonald, Director of Public Sector Practice , Baxi Partnership
    Annette Rowe, Director of Partnership Development and People Engagement, Baxi Partnership


    Seminar B:

    Staff Experience; A Holistic Approach to Engagement

    • The importance of employee engagement for organisations operating in challenging times
    • 'Staff Experience' and the connections to the quality of patient experience within the NHS
    • Understanding external best practice and adapting to fit components to the NHS Scotland culture
    • The relevance of Staff Governance Standards and how they are being embedded
    • The importance of Wellbeing as a 5th enabler alongside the MacLeod model
    • Towards a holistic framework and set of metrics for NHS Scotland
    • Lessons learned and future work planned

    This Seminar will give participants a short overview of the concepts around 'staff experience' within a complex public sector system. It will then offer you the chance to engage in conversations around some of our early findings and reflect on how 'employee engagement' is being managed within your own organisational context. Out of these rich discussions will inevitably come some creative ideas that will help in your own organisational journey, but also benefit and inform the NHS Scotland project as it advances.

    Sandy Wilkie, Head of Organisational Development, NHS Dumfries & Galloway


    Seminar C:

    Health and Wellbeing in the Workplace

    • Investing in employee health and wellbeing during challenging times: Key to public sector savings • How best to illustrate the importance of employee health and wellbeing • Effective Monitoring of sickness absence to allow adequate staffing and effective employee interactions • Understanding that improved staff health and wellbeing helps develop an engaged and motivated workforce • Sickness absence in the public sector • Managing long-term conditions through a responsive health and wellbeing strategy • Co-ordinating support for employees to reduce sickness absence and improve business function • Employee benefits: Fit and healthy staff, better activity levels and improved employee morale

    Professor Selena Gray, Professor of Public Health and Director of the Centre, Clinical and Health Services Research (Confirmed).
    Ged Marsden, Head of Occupational Health Service, Buckinghamshire Healthcare Trust (Confirmed).


    Seminar D (PM Only):

    Innovation in Public Sector Leadership to Engage the Workforce

    • Outlining a clear talent management strategy • How best to ensure people managers have the skills to identify, retain and develop talent • What can be done to improve engagement between people managers and their employees? • Proactive HR: Comprehending the value of good management and leadership on workforce morale • Recognising the need to reduce gender and racial inequalities in leadership opportunities

    Hilary Thompson, Chief Executive, Office for Public Management (Confirmed)
    Dave Penman, General Secretary, FDA (Confirmed)
    Martin Rayson, President, Public Sector People Managers' Association and Head of Human Resources & Organisational Development, London Borough of Barking (Confirmed)
    Jim Graham, Chief Executive, Warwickshire County Council